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"Painting in Pastels"


Pastels are an extremely versatile and immediate medium. These characteristics can lead to bold, exciting and impromptu paintings.

However, their responsive, flexible nature can also be used to create subtle, gentle colour with little or no texture.

This practical book will guide you through the full scope of painting in pastels and explain particularly how they can be used to capture light, colour and texture.

With step-by-step demonstrations in a wide range of subject matter, Painting in Pastels will be invaluable for both beginners and experienced artists alike.

The book features:

  • Techniques demonstrated and explained
  • Advice on subject selection and composition
  • Emphasis on light, tone and colour
  • Sections on painting landscapes, coastal scenery, interiors, still life, figures and portraits

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Deaddog 11:

Excellent Book For The Pastelists
Lovely book with great pictures, good explanation of techniques and format. Recommendations of materials etc. But not overly technical or wordy. Friendly approach in the writing , some of it quite inspiring, spurs you on to try more things.

Alice May:


I have been painting and drawing on my own for years when I have the time, but I must admit I'm not very good.

I start a painting full of enthusiasm and just love the journey, but somehow I end up being disappointed with the amateurish destination. Try as I might I usually don't know what the problem is. I would like to improve and to be able to achieve the vision I have in my head, instead of the "its not bad, but its not quite right" paintings which gather dust in a corner.

I have many teach-yourself-art" books, a lot of them are more about showcasing the artist's work than about real detailed tuition, but none of them has come close to helping me get better like this one has. Robert Brindley's really clear, detailed and recurrent explanations on such mysteries as tonal value, recession, the use and abuse of photos, and amazingly, simply what constitutes a good picture, have helped like never before.

All is explained, and I mean all. Even the style of mark making, shape, direction and size, is discussed. (This is really interesting to me as I have long wondered why my marks look so amateur).

I can now see errors I've been making for years. Not only am I improving but can actually seeing light and shade critically and am envisaging potential pictures when I'm out and about.

I've been reproducing the step by step demonstrations in the book, which has helped a lot.

Robert Brindley is not only a natural teacher but also a generous one. In fact, I've just seen that he has an oil painting book too so I've just bought it on the strength of this one. If that's not a recommendation I don't know what is!

Steve G  "EX-2":

Another winner by this man

To be honest I paint mostly in Watercolor, but lately I have have spent some time on pastel and oil. Having been away from these mediums for a few years, I find that the help and information given in Robert Brindley's book on pastel have helped me back in to using other mediums.
This man has such an easy way about him, as he guides you through the things to do, and not to do. In any of his books. What I like is the fact, that he will not have you going to your local art shop and buying half of their stock up. You will see in his DVD on oil that you can go off with just 6 colors. Therefore, I look on the advise by this man, as a kind of investment.
All I am waiting for now, is for him to get some more DVDs on the market. His DVD on watercolor, has been watched by me over 20 times in this week alone.
Come on Robert Brindley, lets have some more....
Do I recommend this man?..Does a duck swim....!!

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