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"Painting Boats and Coastal Scenery"

Boats and coastal scenery have always inspired artists. Robert's book celebrates that inspiration and explains many aspects of painting the coast, from creeks and tidal rivers to bustling beach scenes, boats and harbours, with a strong emphasis on light, mood and atmosphere.

Using watercolour, Oil and pastel, Robert looks in detail at the painting process and encourages both novice and experienced artists alike to venture forth and capture the drama and beauty of the coast and sea.

The book includes 'Step By Step' demonstrations and explores the importance of light and how to create harmony, tone and colour, with emphasis on drawing, sketching and plein-air painting.

Robert has included instruction on painting water and skies, as well as coastal scenes, providing personal advice from his own painting trips in Britain and abroad.

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My second book from this author. It is very comprehensive, all methods and materials are well explained - all of which are beautifully illustrated.


A very helpful book.

Excellent descriptions and color plates. Well worth it. The writing is clear and the paintings inspiring.

Mr P F Harrison:

Like Mr Brindley's companion volume on painting landscapes, this is a first-rate book from which anyone, no matter how experienced an artist, will be able to learn. Lots of step-by-step examples show how to build up different types of painting in an easily understandable way. Terrific.

Steve G "EX 2":
Having watched this mans watercolor DVD over I don't know how many times. I now have his book.

It does not surprise me at all that Robert Brindley has letters after his name. Going by the quality I have seen in both his DVD and now this book, It would not also surprise me to see the same letters before his name.
If it's an artist you are looking for, who can show you the way to go, then look no further, because here he is.
Well done to you again Robert Brindley..And a great big thank you.

Wendy Griffin:

The paintings are absolutely beautiful and the book is informative with loads of useful tips and information.

An ideal book for any level of painter, and especially those who want to improve their boat and coastal paintings. For me it's definitely a book that I will refer to again and again.

Ray Campell Smith:

" Those who love painting coastal scenery and boats will welcome Robert Brindley's splendid book devoted to these subjects.

Like all successful marine artists, he not only portrays boats and coastal subjects, but has a strong feeling for colour and the effects of light, and so captures the essence of his subject convincingly.

He rightly emphasises the importance of painting en plein air to convey atmosphere, tone and colour.

He begins by offering sound advice on the choice of materials and equipment and on choosing and developing subjects. He also emphasises the need for sound drawing to capture the subtle lines of sea craft and for doing justice to coastal backgrounds - harbours, cliffs and beaches.

There is a particularly useful chapter on painting skies and water, and on capturing mood and atmosphere.

He gives his readers useful advice on traveling and on arranging painting trips and there is a helpful chapter on dealing with problems and difficulties.

Above all, the book is rich in illustrations. all of an excellent standard. The text throughout is helpful and down-to-earth."

Malcolm Allsop - Townhouse Films:

"This is one of he best books of its kind around.

Unlike some it's not just the artist showing how clever he or she is but contains a huge amount of useful information for people painting in various media. Robert Brindley has done a great job and this will help improve your art".


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