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Mixed Media: 'Tracks in the Snow / Aislaby'



Paper: Two Rivers, 300lb, Rough.
Watercolours: Raw Sienna, Cadmium Red, Cerulean, Cobalt Blue and Cobalt Violet.
Acrlic paint: Titanium White.
Acrylic Ink: Sepia, Paynes Grey, Violet and Antelope Brown.
Masking Fluid.
Fine misting spray bottle.
Tooth brush


Step One:

The drawing was undertaken using a 2B pencil on 300lb Two Rivers, Rough paper. The tracks in the snow and other minor lights were masked out with masking fluid.


Step Two:

The paper was wet all over and pre - mixed pools of colour were introduced in a fairly free manner. The paper was then allowed to dry thoroughly.


Step three:

The masking fluid was carefully removed and the painting developed by adding colour and softening some edges creating more definite form. Throughout the painting process, the importance of tone, above everything else, was essential. Some spattering, using a tooth brush and spraying with a fine water spray bottle were also used in this stage


Step Four:

The distant trees and the hedgerow on the right hand side were now developed. The trees were painted using 'warm' and 'cool' combinations of acrylic ink and a number two or three 'Rigger'.


Step Five:

Additional overlaid washes were applied and the dark horizontal band in the foreground was over painted using Titanium White acrylic, both straight from the tube and tinted with acrylic ink or watercolour. Further texture was built up by spattering extensively with Titanium White acrylic.

Finally I worked up, all the final details such as the foreground grasses, telegraph pole etc.


Tracks in the Snow / Aislaby

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