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"Painting Landscapes in Oils"

Over the centuries, landscape painting has attracted countless artists.

Its diversity, enhanced by the weather, special lighting conditions and seasonal change, offers the painter an infinite variety of subject matter.

Oils are an extremely versatile and immediate medium, enabling artists to express themselves in a variety of creative ways.

They are relatively easy to use, suitable for both the beginner and the more experienced painter.

This new book is a comprehensive study of how oils can be used to capture light, colour and texture in a wide range of landscape settings.

It even includes eleven step-by-step demonstrations and discusses the entire painting process, from materials, inspiration and subject selection through to the finished painting.

Throughout, emphasis is given to the importance of good drawing, composition, tone and colour, and the need for constant assessment, all of which are vital to the success of any piece of work.

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Art Questions Answered:

'Very nice guidance, if you're a beginer... I'm thrilled with the teaching presented through all 157 pages.'

'This is an excellent book: it is concise, clear and very informative. I am an art school graduate of some vintage, who has continued to paint for longer than I care to remember, yet I think I almost learned more from this book than I did from art school, certainly about painting landscapes.

The author has included quite a number of step-by-step examples showing how to build up different types of landscape studies and, if you follow precisely what he says, you will, I think, be well on the way to producing work in your own style that you find satisfying. Even more important, you will be able to build on the system the author outlines and develop it in any number of different ways. First class.'


'Having recently seen impressive work by this artist, I purchased the book and it lives up to expectations. Very well and comprehensively written, with techniques etc explained in clear terms, I have found this to book to be well worth while.'


'This is a very good manual for landscape painters in oils, perhaps not for the very inexperienced painter as the demos are not totally step-by-step, but are rather indications of how to proceed in 3 or 4 steps per picture.

I really love Robert Brindley's painting style and the way he captures various beautiful light effects in mostly fairly small formats.

There are numerous examples of completed paintings on nearly every page so the book is a joy to browse through.

In my opinion it is strongest in the sections on subject choice and inspiration generally, so it would be a very good book to turn to for encouragement if you are going through a fallow period.

There is also advice on how to paint with exhibitions and potential buyers in mind, regarding choice of subject, size and proportion of the support, and tips on framing economically'


'I really like this book: it offers lots of great technical advice above and beyond the usual 'types of equipment' seen in many books, and contains around 11 painting demonstrations. (I say 'around' in case I mis-counted!) These generally only give about 4 or 5 different stages with fairly small pictures, but they should be more than enough to point you in the right direction, and the accompanying text is detailed enough to tell you not only what you need to do, but why.

There are a great many examples of the artist's own work, many of which are used to demonstrate various issues such as composition, tone and colour - and I really like his style. And unlike some books which have great illustrations on the cover but far more disappointing ones inside - the paintings are consistently very good throughout.

While I'm sure a beginner would get a great deal from this book, I believe there is also a lot that would interest both intermediate and more experienced painters too. All in all a great book, for anyone interested in painting in oils!'

Michael Creese:

'Robert Brindley is a talented artist and teacher and this is clearly displayed in his latest book 'Painting Landscapes in Oils'. Profusely illustrated with a very wide variety of subjects, the book is packed with advice for the novice and more experienced painter alike.

Robert takes the reader through the whole process from the selection of materials to framing the finished picture. He advocates the use of three primary colours plus white so that expenditure on paint is limited to the price of four tubes or at most seven when warm and cool colours are included.

The illustrated sections on composition and skies will be found particularly helpful. 

A series of exercises throughout the book is designed to illustrate the use of tone and colour and the 'spotlights' which discuss difficulties wth particular paintings also provide very helpful insights. 

This is not a book to be read at one sitting and then put aside, rather for reference which will provide a constant source of inspiration. Read in conjunction with Roberts DVD - 'Oil Sketching on Location' it provides encouragement and motivation. 

Having been a student of Robert's for many years I am delight to recommend this book.'

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