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"Painting Atmospheric Watercolour Landscapes"

There is probably no better painting medium than watercolour for capturing the English landscape in all its complex moods.

For Robert it is something of a passion. In this DVD he reveals his secrets for creating watercolour paintings that are full of atmosphere and light.

There are four full demonstrations on this DVD with subjects including a Yorkshire coastal scene and boats moored in the picturesque harbour of Staithes near Whitby as well as snow and beach scenes.

This DVD is available in PAL format for Europe, Egypt, Arabia, Japan and South Africa.

if you require NTSC format for the USA, Canada and Japan, please let us know when purchasing.

The DVD runs for 2 Hours 6 Mins + Bonus Features
for just £27.95

*non sterling equivalents above are approximate, correct at 25th May 2018

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Marilyn R:

" I have two of your watercolor demonstration dvds which I repeatedly watch andalways learn something new.

They are wonderful teaching material.  And, I have just watched your December 2012 demonstration on YouTube which describes your finishing touches that bring the painting to a fine richness.  Thank you for it all. "

R Mason:

"Being new to watercolours I have found this very informative for both begginers like myself and more experienced Artists as you never in my opinion stop learning."

Maria Doherty:

"A must buy, so very informative. Some of the best Watercolours I have seen in a long while. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed...."

Steve G:

"One of the best out there.

I have been painting in watercolor for over 20 years, and like all artists, I am still learning.
Once you tell yourself you have nothing left to learn, that is the time when your paintings will stay as they are, not getting any better.

With this in mind, I have to say that, if you want to take your art a step further, then this DVD will do just that. Robert Brindley takes you through over 2 hours of 100% enjoyment with his easy way of showing you just what he can do.

From mixing color, to applying masking fluid at the right times, and then using the correct washes that has been mixed and ready to go. The result being master class.

Buying this DVD will be one of the best investments you can make, toward improving your art. The only set back I can see, is that there isn't another 20 to go out and buy. I could watch this guy all day long, and still want for more.

Buy it, you will not be disappointed...Hope this helps you..

Thank you Robert Brindley... "

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