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Oil Step By Step Demonstrations

Moorland above Castleton



Step One

A 10"x 8" board under painted with a varied wash of Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna has been used, and the composition accurately drawn out using a 2B pencil.



Step Two

A start has been made 'blocking in' the darks and mid-tones into the cottage and tree shapes, together with a rough idea of the distant hills. At this stage an accurate rendering of colour and detail is not necessary, but tonally the painting must be fairly accurate. The colours used for this step were, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White. I always use Alkyd Titanium White, which speeds up the drying time of my paintings. A small amount of white is used in most mixes, and subsequently, the painting will almost always be dry within 24 hours.


Step Three

The 'blocking in' process has continued using the same colours, with the addition of a little Viridian to foliage mixes and Cobalt Violet with Cerulean and Raw Sienna to some of the subtle mixes in the intermediate foreground. Still, no detail has been developed at this stage, but most of the board has been covered.



Step Four

Although the overall 'blocking in' continues, my attention has returned to the cottages. They are the focus of this painting, and I felt that it was time to begin detailing them further and adding some highlights.


Step Five

The painting has now been completed by developing the foliage and foreground areas, and adding all the final details and highlights. Indian Yellow, for the foliage areas, was the only additional colour used during this step . The painting took approximately 2 hours to complete and was painted in one sitting. Paint was applied as from the tube, (no turpentine or painting medium was used. Turpentine was only used for brush cleaning).


Moorland above Castleton

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